Appointment Setters is a full service telemarketing company dedicated to enhance sales and marketing effectiveness for our clients since 1987. We provide:

The cornerstone of our business is understanding and satisfying our client's needs. Our web based calendars increase productivity and provide sales, marketing and service industry executives with the critical data to evaluate and maximize their team's performance. We do this is by helping each client define and qualify target markets from their contact lists and databases or we can build one for them. From there, we interview, qualify and arrange appointments. The bottom line? Our clients have more time to meet and support their customers rather than wasting precious time to find them.

Read how this simple yet powerful tool works. Then, turn to the reverse side to access our website for a hands on demonstration of how it can work for you. How The Web Based Calendar Works

Web Site:

Enter: Log On Name and Password.
Submit Query is clicked to save.

This screen welcomes each user by name. The tool bar on top of the screen will display these 5 options.

1. Add a New User: Owners are responsible for User's calendars within their organization. A User can only maintain their calendar. An Owner can add a new user's log on name, password, full name, title, city, phone number, e-mail address and pager information for their calendars. Submit Query is clicked to establish that user's calendar.
2. Remove a User: Owners remove a User by first checking the box next to their name. Submit Query is clicked to delete that name.
3. Select Screen: Owners select a User's calendar by locating their name from a drop down box. Select Screen is clicked to access their calendar.
4. See Calendar: There are 3 simple actions to review and update each calendar.
Set Appointment Times: Establishes a user's availability for appointments. A Select Week Starting Date is chosen from a drop down box and Select Query is clicked to obtain scheduled times for that week. A screen with Start Times and End Times for each day and Entire Day Off options are displayed. Hours available are selected from each drop down box or Entire Day Off is checked if not available. Set Times is clicked to update the calendar with the times that the user is available.
Select Start Date: Locate the calendar week beginning date from the drop down box. Select Start Date is clicked to display that calendar.
Set Appointment: The words Set Appointment appear on the top of the calendar for each day that the user is available. The words Set Appointment are clicked to display a screen to update the details of each appointment. It displays the scheduled times, dates, name, location, contact numbers and notes that will appear on that calendar. Make Appointment is clicked to save or Cancel is clicked to delete that appointment.
Calendar updates are made by the User and Appointment Setters. The most current version is displayed by refreshing the screen while holding down the control key. A printed copy of each appointment made by Appointment Setters is faxed to the designated recipient on the day that it is made.
5. Get passwords: Allows Owners to access passwords for their organization
Please turn to the other side to test drive our web based calendar